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Mountain Walking Holiday Cyprus

Cyprus Walking Holiday

Cyprus Mountain Walking 

Mountain Walking Holidays

Mountain walking holidays in Cyprus are delightful.  Hiking trails can be found in Akamas (near Polis), Cape Greco (near Agia Napa), a hiking trail through Kaledonia, and in Avakas Gorge (Paphos).  There are several walks close to the Old Mill House, although you don't need a designated walking route as there are numerous places with fantastic views that are simply idyllic. However, near to Prastio (which is just outside Kellaki) there is a designated 2.5 km walk on a wide pathway (actually a non-tarmaced road).  This walk is therefore also suitable for cycling.  You can drive the first 1.5 km if you wish.  The path then follows around a mountain that looks to further mountains in one direction and overlooks the hills and the whole Limassol bay in the other.  The views are simply stunning.  There are many pine cones to be collected en-route.  The following pictures show the view on an overcast winter's day!

Limassol Mountain View Cycling Holidays Mountain Walking Holidays


Driving from Klonari to Kellaki:  Just before Kellaki take a left up the steep hill.  Follow the road towards the Kellaki picnic site and past the monestary.  On your right there is a hill that is signposted as offering panoramic views and indeed it does.  This is a short walk and well worth the effort:

Mountain Walking Holidays Cycling Mountain Walking Holidays
Cycling Holidays Cycling Holidays

In November to April the Cyprus Tourist Organisation organise walking tours on alternative Wednesdays through Germasogeia, starting at the Dasoudi Beach Tourist Information Office at 10:00 am.  Tel:  25323211.  There are two different walks and they are around 2.2-2.4 km.  The first is entitled, "Germasogeia:  A Village Blessed by Water" and passes by the remnants of a 5th century monestary, a 12th century church, a restored village house (the Cultural Centre), the main 19th century village church, and a water dam.  Sometimes the walk may include a a visit to an artist's workshop.  The second walk is entitled, "Discover the Natural Environment of Germasogeia", and includes a study of the citrus, olive and carob groves.  Some of this walk is uphill along a nature trail past ruins of water mills on the bank of the river.  The walk ends with a visit to an orange orchard.  In May you can also see the Germasogeia flower festival with parades and the work of traditional craftsmen and in July there's the Summer Cultural Festival.  Tel: 25879898.

The Kaledonia hiking trail passes through Platres and past a beautiful waterfall.  It runs along a very scenic ravine.  Specific trees are numbered along the route.  It's known as the "Trail of Nightingales" and is around 3 km long.  There are several waterfalls worth viewing in Cyprus.  The best time of year to see them is in the spring as the snow melts on the top of Troodos.


Troodos Cyprus Mountain 

If you want a more substantial walk then there's the "European Long Distance Path E4".  This starts at Gibraltar and passes through Europe to Cyprus (no doubt with an air/sea link!).  The Cyprus leg passes from Larnaka to Pafos airports and follows areas of natural beauty, ecological, historical, archaeological, cultural, and scientific interest.  Of course, you could select sections of this walk rather than master the entire route, but certain sections are most suitable for the serious rambler!  This walk is best done between November and April.  In spring the flora and fauna are in full bloom.  This site cannot go into full detail, but the Cyprus Tourist Organisation produces an indepth brochure (free of charge) that breaks the walk down into sections, provides maps, and grades the walks in terms of level of difficulty on a scale of 1 to 3.  Some of the roads include cycling paths.

For walking clubs, there's the Hash House Harriers.  They run, jog, walk, and socialise.  Tel: 25632446 or 24647175.

Christopher Thomsons' Walking guide for the Troodos Mountains/Platres - excellent details regarding a variety of rambling walks and nature trails.

Trails of Troodos

Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays in Cyprus are excellent.  This is largely due to the good roads and not too much traffic.

Bikes can be hired for 5-10 CYP per day from Limassol. 

Cyprus Cycling Federation:  Tel:  22663344

Limassol Cycling Club:  Tel: 25585980

Worth contacting for supplies, bikes, accessories, routes, car escort service etc: (site is in German), based in Limassol.  Tel: 25634093.

Another excellent company that we recommend from personal experience is Their rates are excellent and service is personal. Tel: +357 25221925 / +357 99939275 (mobile).

Suggested routes in Limassol from the Cyprus Tourist Organisation:

(1) Amathous coast/beach path (close to where the road from Kellaki joins the coast just outside Limassol, therefore about a 20 minute drive) - Governor's Beach (turn right when you reach the coast and follow the road in your car to Amathous and then start cycling in the opposite direction to which you drove), 15km.  Route not entirely paved.

(2) Amathous coast/beach path to the Old Port (turn right when you reach the coast), 11km, paved, easy journey.

There are many more recommended journeys and a comprehensive leaflet with maps is available from the Cyprus Tourist Organisation.


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