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The geography of Cyprus is very interesting.  Cyprus is a mediterranean island that is 35 miles south of Turkey and 64 miles south-west of Syria.  It's less than one hours flight from Cairo, Egypt and South Cyprus has very strong links with Greece.  Nicosia is the capital city and is the only divided capital city remaining now that the Great Wall of China and Berlin Wall have come down.  The second largest city is Limassol which is a port and the most touristic of the main cities, being extremely popular with families.  Larnaca is the third largest city and includes the main airport.

Cyprus sits in the mediterranean and whilst having wonderful beaches, also allows for a cooler time in the mountains.  The Troodos mountains (2000 metres above sea level) are higher than Ben Nevis (1344 metres) and allow for skiing in the winter - just imagine sunny beaches and skiing just over an hours drive apart!

Cyprus has a large variety of flora and fauna.  Trees include cypresses, eucalyptus, oak, juniper, olive, pine (great for fir cones for the children!).

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