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Cyprus Golfing Holiday

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A Cyprus Golf Holiday at the most tranquil Golfing Holiday Accommodation

Far enough for tranquility, close enough for activity

What Every Goofy Golfer Gotta Know...

Cyprus Golf Accommodation, Cyprus Golf Holiday Cyprus Golf holiday golfing holiday accommodation Cyprus Golf holiday golfing holiday accommodation

The Family Atmosphere at Vikla Golf Club

Those readers interested in a Cyprus golf holiday and golfing holiday accommodation will find the following article of great interest.  Most of this extract is taken from the Maadi Messenger, a church newsletter in Cairo (

What is the origin of the word "golf"?

During the Middle Ages a game with stick and ball was played around Europe.  In the Netherlands this game was called "kolf"; in Scotland it was called "gowf"'; and in England "goff".

Where did golf originate?

Many countries have claimed to invent golf, but a game with club and ball is as old as civilization itself.  The Romans brought their game to the British Isles more than two thousand years ago, and during the Middle Ages a stick and ball game was played throughout Europe. The Dutch, the Scots, and the English have all claimed to invent golf.  But the modern game of golf, as we know it, evolved in Scotland.


Because the Scots were the ones to add a hole to the game!  That's right.  They added a hole, and the objective became to hit the ball into the hole with as few shots as possible.

Why is the golf hole the size it is?

So you think the holes on the course are too small and they ought to enlarge them a bit... think again.  The golf hole is a standard size throughout the world, 4.25 inches in diameter.  There really is no mystique about this number.  In 1891 this size was standardized in the rules issued by the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews in England, who took this dimension from the folks at the Musselburgh Club, who in 1829 invented the first known golf hole cutter.  This first hole cutter utilized a cutting tool that was 4.25 inches in diameter.  The exact reason for this size has been lost to history, but the story has it that the tool was built from some excess pipe laying about the links.

What is a feathery?

Featheries were the original golf balls.  They consisted of a covering of leather pieces hand-stitched together and then turned inside out.  They were stuffed with goose or chicken feathers that had been boiled and softened.  After the ball had been soaked in water, the leather shrank and the feathers expanded, making for a very hard ball.  These balls, because of the time and effort that went into their making, were very expensive.  Machine-made balls of other substances superceded them.  However, these featheries were able to travel a longer distance.

What is a birdie?

It is not a feathery.  In the American slang of the 19th Century the term "bird" was applied to anything great.  "Bird" was the "cool", "awesome", or "hot" of the 1800's in the USA.  A great shot came to be known as a "birdie".  By 1910, the term birdies was being used worldwide.  "Eagle" then followed "birdie" in usage.

Why does a golf ball have dimples?

Surprise, surprise!  A golf ball with dimples can travel farther than a smooth ball.  This discovery was made when players noticed that their nicked balls travelled farther than the smooth ones.

Who are some of the golfing greats?

Come on, you know who they are!  But have you heard of the Apple Tree Gang?  These were the founders of one of the oldest clubs in the USA, St Andrews, established as a 3-hole course in 1888 at Yonkers, New York.  They were given this name because of all the apple trees on the course - which was extended to 6 holes on a cow pasture.  Imagine trying to avoid apple trees and cow dung while playing a game of golf!

What are the "links"?

Some courses are called "links", but in the strictest sense, they are not.  Links are narrow strips of sandy land lying between the sea and inland farmland.  The modern game of golf as we know it developed on strips of coastal land in Scotland, because this sandy land was good for nothing (except golf) and the players could avoid the king, who had forbidden the game in an attempt to produce archers, not golfers.  To qualify as a link, a course should be tree-less, have sandy soil, knolls and depressions.  This explains why we are getting a lot of golf courses in the Middle East - we've got a lot of sand here and not many trees.  And it helps to have some sand traps, too.

Where's the most idyllic Cyprus Golf Holiday and Golfing Holiday Accommodation?

Clearly, you should stay at The Old Mill House - a stone village villa to rent in Limassol, Cyprus and play at Vikla Golf Club.  See our Cyprus golf holiday and golfing holiday accommodation page for full details, Cyprus golf holiday and golfing holiday accommodation.  The Old Mill House is no more than 1km from the golf club,  The club is ideal for all the family with a pool, bar, and snacks/pub meals.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!  The Old Mill House for your Cyprus golf holiday and golfing holiday accommodation.

Visit Limassol, The Old Mill House Golfing Holiday Accommodation and Vikla Golf Club

- a highly relaxing golfing holiday accommodation in Cyprus -

a traditional stone cottage village villa accommodation

for a wonderful golf holiday 

The most tranquil Cyprus golf holiday in Europe!

If you want an idyllic, relaxing Cyprus golf holiday and golfing holiday accommodation experience there is no other apartment or villa in Cyprus that can better The Old Mill House!

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